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I lived with my older brother in a flat in Bangalore when I was 21. The building had many south Indian people. My neighbor was Mrs. Verges, She must have been around 35.. 135 cm and about 65 kgs with a small stomach. You know the kind you get after you have kids. She was from Kerala. Through the walls I always hear yelling between her husband and their kids. I couldn't make out what was being said but I knew he was an ass hole. Mrs. Verges always wore a housecoat. You know the kind that was white with flowers and buttoned up the front.
One day I came home and she was carrying groceries, she looked like she was having trouble so I offered my assistance and took one of them and helped her into her flat. I put the bag on the kitchen table and while she took off her coat, she asked me if I was busy. When I said no, she asked me to stay for a while. I agreed and she told me to go have a seat on the couch. I went into the living room and sat down. At that point every sexual feeling about her shot back into my head, every time I looked at her perky tits, every time I looked at her ass, every time I imagined her lips and tongue on my cock. It all came back at that moment. My heart started racing, the pounding of my heart was so loud that I am sure that she could have heard it if she was sitting next to me. My palms starting sweating and my hands started shaking I knew at this moment I wanted her. When she came into the room she was wearing her housecoat, it was yellow and white and with flowers. Her legs were slightly exposed and her nipples were almost visible through the material.
We started talking about general things like the weather in Bangalore changing with population growth and then the conversation moved toward her relationship with her husband. She told me that he often yelled at her and I told her that I could hear it through the wall. She looked at me for a second and at that moment we established trust. We talked for a little while longer and during our conversation she said that she hardly had sex anymore. I looked at her in surprise and she just laughed. I was looking around the room to hide my embarrassment and while I was looking away she asked me why my hand was shaking. I said I was nervous, she looked at me and she asked why. I paused for what felt like eternity, and admitted that it was her. I blushed and looked down and my left leg as shaking. I then said "I am sorry if I embarrassed you Mrs. Verges". She said call me Maria. I said "Maria", looking into her eyes. I think I should go, and before she could answer I stood up and went toward the door, when I got there I turned around and she was still sitting on the couch looking at me with this confused look on her face. At that moment I knew that this was going to be one of those moments in your life, one of those moments that you know are going to be remembered forever, and shape the kind of person you are going to be. I turned around and gathered all of my courage and said, "I want you".
She didn't say anything, she just smiled. I walked back to the couch and sat next to her. I raised my hand and ran it through her hair. She closed her eyes and bent her neck back. I leaned in and kissed her neck. I dragged my tongue over the area that I was kissing. I could feel her start to breathe heavier. I felt her hand on my chest, and felt the sensation as she lowered it to my cock, she initially rubbed but then she started squeezing through my pants. I then raised my lips to hers and placed a soft kissed on her lips, tasting the sweetness of her lips. Our tongues touched and she closed her mouth and grabbed my tongue with her lips and then started moving her head back and forth like she was giving my tongue head. I started to laugh, which made her laugh. The hand that was in my lap unbuttoned my pants and pulled my zipper down, I stood up and pulled my pants down to my ankles. My cock is about 7 inches when erect, she looked at it and then looked at me and then smiled. I thought to my self "thank god". When I sat back down she grabbed by cock as I leaned back on the couch. She started jerking me up and down, the feeling was incredible. While she was jerking me with one hand she grabbed my balls with the other. I then looked into her eyes and smiled. I took my hand and put it up to her tits. I grabbed the top of her housecoat and with one pull I opened her coat to her lap. I spread the sides of the material and I saw the amazing 38 D tits. Very perky with the longest nipples. Maybe an inch long. I leaned in and took a nipple into my mouth. She said that the last person who sucked her nipples was her baby, a few years ago.
I could not get over the size of her nipple so I stayed there for a while, using my tongue on her nipples. She then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my hair and leaned in and took my cock in her mouth. I could feel her lips and then her tongue on bottom of my cock. The feeling was incredible, I raised my hips up she closed her mouth and sucked really hard, and sucked really hard. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I pulled her lips off my cock, and laid her down on the couch, I pulled her housecoat off and saw very hairy pussy, dark black curls that showed a little pink showing through. I noticed that the hairline went up to her belly button, and I laughed to myself. I brought my mouth to her pussy, it didn't smell at all I was a bit surprised. I made circles with my tongue around her clit, but I kept getting hair in my mouth. She said that her husband doesn't lick her pussy any more, so I kept on licking so she could really enjoy it. I took my right index finger and ran it around her pussy getting it wet. I then took it and rubbed it up against her ass. She jumped and said that she never did that before. I stopped what I was doing and move my body up. I jerked my cock a few times to make sure I was good and hard. I placed it at her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down. She started nodding her head and then said that she wanted me. I easier my cock through her thick hair and I was surprised how wet she was. She was really tight for a woman her age. I slowly eased my way in. I was half way in and when she said how good it felt and she wanted to feel all of me in her. I pushed all the way up to my balls. She said that she has never felt something so deep in her. I laid down on her and her pointy nipples pushed into my chest. I started moving my hips back and forth.
Her pussy was gripping me the whole time; the wetness just made it feel all the better. She rapped her arms around me and started raising her hips to meet my cock as it pushed into her. I told her I was going to cum. I said that I have never cum inside a woman before. She then told me to cum in her. I asked her again if it was all right she said yes. I increased my pace and she told me if I could keep it going for a little longer we could cum together. I slowed my pace down and knelt my head down to her nipple. I started sucking and I think that put her over the edge. She said that she was going to cum. I started pumping really quick and told her I was going to cum. She told me she was too. I came in a big rush. It was one of my biggest loads. When I came, she started to moan, OH your cum is inside me, oh My god... poppy.. poppy, your cum is inside me, her eyes rolled back into her head, and her pussy contracted on my dick. It was the most incredible feeling. Her hips flew up in the air she screamed Si' si' si. I was still pumping and my cum was all over my dick. I pulled out of her and sat up. She then leaned up and took my cum soaked dick back into her mouth. I could feel her sucking all of the cum off my dick. She cleaned my dick off and laid her head in my lap. She looked at me and said that I was really good. I leaned my head back in disbelief of what just happened. She then stood up and said that I should go before her husband got home. I agreed... A few weeks had passed and I would see her around but she wouldn't talk to me. She said that she enjoyed herself that day, but she thought that it shouldn't happen again. One day, I was going up the stairs in my flat when I saw her coming down. She said hello, like nothing ever happened. I was a little pissed off, so I waited for an opportunity to say something. I noticed the housecoat that she was wearing that day. I said, "I remember that."
She didn't look at me but I could see that she smiled. I walked over to her and said, that was what you were wearing that day. She didn't say anything. She just nodded her head. . I then said, "I miss being inside you." She said she did to but she was afraid that her husband would find out. I then said, "if we are careful no one will find out." I then walked toward the door, I turned around and she was looking at me, she just smiled. One of those seductive types... . Two days later, I was looking out my peephole at 8:30, just waiting for her husband to leave. When I saw him, I opened my door and walked to hers. I knocked on her door. She opened it and said what you are doing here. I said in a formal tone. Mrs. Verges, do you have change for a twenty, (to throw off any suspicion). She said sure, wait a minute, she closed the door but didn't lock it. I pushed the door open and said "hello." She looked at me and said that we can't do this now, her husband was going to be right back and her kids were sleeping in the next room. I said laughingly. I will be quick, she looked down. I went to her, put my hand under her chin and lifted it up. I leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue was dancing in my mouth, making circles with mine. Twirling and twirling. I then felt her hand on my butt, squeezing. I stopped kissing her, I just looked into her eyes. I brought my hands to her shirt and started unbuttoning it. I slowly saw her dark Latin skin tone. She was wearing a white bra, I undid the clip in the front and I saw those great nipples. I used my thumb and index finger on each nipple. I was rolling the back and forth. I then pulled them a little. She said, "that feels sooo good.
I then let her nipples go and grabbed her hips. I pulled her towards me and I started rubbing my cock against her right through my paints. She said "I don't know what it is about you but you make me so wet. I asked her if she was wet right now. She just nodded. I then unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles. I saw her panties. They were black not very sexy, but her thick black hair was sticking through the sides. I pulled her panties down. I then dragged my hand from her ankle up her leg, on the inside of her thigh, on her pussy, up her stomach to her mouth. She then took my finger in her mouth, what an amazing feeling. The wetness of her mouth and that indescribable feeling of her tongue. I leaned in and said, " I am going to shake you naked and eat you alive" (I once heard that in a movie). She just laughed and said that we have to be quick, because of her husband. I then took her by the shoulders and moved her down to my dick. She took it into her mouth and just held it there, just twirling and twirling. She still didn't move but she sucked really hard. I said, "you are so good at that." I then raised her back up to me. I gave her a small kiss. I then turned her around, bent her over and put my fingers in her pussy. It was so wet. I moved in closer, and put my cock in her. She let out this, this "ahhhhh" sound that was almost as good as the feeling on my dick. I stretched out my body leaning back to handle the sensation. I let out a long breath, and started pumping. Her wet pussy was amazing, her pussy was just tight enough to grip my cock, but loose enough to allow for quickness. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up.
She let out this ahhh sound and then said "fuckkk me" (just like I spelled it heavy emphasis on the k). I started pumping really fast. She then told me to hurry up because of her husband. I then said, "I can't… your pussy feels to good." I then stopped pumping, she turned her head and said what's wrong. I said to her I know how to get off really quick. I took my cock out of her pussy, I took my left hand on her wet pussy, and rubbed the wetness on her ass. I put a finger in and felt this unbelievable feeling. I was rubbing my cock and slightly pushing my finger in her tight ass. She was really serious for a second and then she laughed with me. I then told her to cum with me, she said ..ohh yeess Kamdev.., you cum in me my love.. in a playful tone. So I got down on my knees and inched my way into her wet cunt. I turned her around and eased my cock into her ass. The head went in easy, I took my hand on her pussy again to get it wet. I then rubbed it on the part of my cock that was still outside. I then pushed the rest of the way in. She looked at me, she didn't say a word, and she just opened her mouth and closed her eyes and moaned... Yesss I couldn't stand …how tight it was and I just came. I was still pumping and the cum started dripping out. I was still pumping and the cum and her ass just felt great. I finally pulled out. She laid down and I laid down on top of her. I then said I think that was better than our first time. She just nodded. "Oh my God", was all I heard.. .. Write me with your

Need a Lift

Would you like a ride home?"Anita was standing just inside the office door, aapane coat ka button lagarahi thi, as I came down the stairs on my way out to my motorcycle. She worked part time in our office as a data-entry clerk, and I knew she lived off the bus lines, she ended up having to do quite a bit of walking to get to and from work, her part-time wages making cabs out of the question. It was starting to get a bit cold to walk, so I thought she might appreciate the break.She looked up .. "OK," she said. "If you don't mind. Thanks, Raj."We walked out to my motorcycle in the parking lot, Anita a few steps ahead of me. I watched her as I followed. She'd been working for us for about four years. She was in her late 20s, she kept herself in great shape. She had long, straight black hair that reached down to her slender waist and a chauri tight chuttar that said she still maintained hersef very good. Usaki tits were big and round, firm 38Cs, and she showed them off with the tightly wrapped saree she often wore to work. In the past few years I'd often fantasized about what it would be like to slide my lund between those luscious tits and to see those full lips with their bright red lipstick wrapped around it."I really appreciate this," she said sitting behind me on my motorcycle.
"You're sure you don't mind?.. bura to nahi manoge Raj" Who mujhase aur satale huye boli"No, of course not," I said. As if, I thought, my mind starting to wander again as I pulled out of the parking lot. At 24, I was in good shape as I had been a marathon runner in college, but I still managed to take care of myself, visiting the gym every now and then, and at six feet and 180 pounds I still had only a bit of a tummy to suggest that I earned my living sitting behind a computer monitor all day. Since the divorce a couple of years ago, I'd been doing OK with women and had had a few casual girlfriends, but I did go through long dry spells from time to time. In fact, I'd been in one for the past few months now, and the thought of Anita's tits popped into my head again.She lived on the other side of town and it took us about 15 minutes to get to her place, making small talk along the way. She directed me to her apartment building. As we approached, she thanked me again for the lift."That was so nice of you," she said. "Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee, to warm you up?" "Sure," I said. What, are you kidding? I parked in the lot behind her building and we walked up to her second-floor apartment. The place was small. One room served as both living room and bedroom, with a loveseat against one wall facing a small TV and a double bed taking up the entire far end. There were two doors leading off the main room - a small kitchenette and the bathroom."Have a seat," she said, draping her coat over the back of a chair at the small dining table and disappearing into the kitchen. I took my coat off and put it on the chair over hers and sat down on the love seat. From the kitchen came the sounds of Anita making the coffee.A few minutes later she reappeared with two steaming mugs. She set them down on the coffee-table and dashed back into the kitchen, reappearing with a bottle of Bailey's."All I had was instant," she said apologetically. "I hope you don't mind. I'm having mine Irish," she said, shaking the bottle. "Like some?""Sure." She poured a generous amount of liqueur in each mug then handed me one before settling onto the loveseat. It was a pretty cozy fit, and we tried to sit facing one another from either end while we talked. We talked for quite a while, mostly about work, and whenever our mugs started getting low, Anita would top them up with Bailey's. When the bottle went empty, she got a bottle of wine from the kitchen.By now I was feeling warm and a bit flushed from the booze. After handing me a full wine glass, Anita sat down, this time with her back to me, leaning back against me."Do you mind?" she asked.Mera lund dhire dhire khara hone laga. I worried she might feel it through my jeans against her back. "No, I don't mind at all… isame bura manane ki kya baat hai"She settled her head against my chest with a contented sigh. I wasn't sure what to do with my free hand, so I stretched my arm out along the back of the couch."tum bahut achhchhe ho raj..You're such a sweet guy," she said. "My husband would never do this. You know," she raised her arm back above her head and softly stroked my cheek with her arm, "just sit like this and cuddle.""Yeah," I said, not really sure what I was agreeing with. Mujhr samajh mein nahi aa raha tha ki ye kya ho raha hai Her hand was still stroking my cheek, her fingertips gently brushing against my lips. Tentatively, I brought my arm down from the back of the couch and Anita ke gaal choone laga, tracing the line of her jaw and chin with my fingers. She smiled and lambi saana lene lagi. Main aapani ungali usake lips per pherane laga aur Anita ne apani jeebh nikal kar gently pahale meri ungali ko touch kiya aur phir use aapane munh mein lekar choosane lai.I moaned softly and she released my finger, turning her face up toward mine. Her face was flushed and her eyes were half-closed. I lowered my mouth to hers and dhire se kissed her, softly at first, then more urgently as her lips parted and her tongue snaked out, seeking out mine. I rubbed my hand over her cheek and into her hair, combing it out, until she took my hand in hers and placed it on her right breast. Through the fabric of her blouse and bra, her nipple was rock-hard, and she groaned into my mouth as I started to knead her tit. Usaki mummay patthar ki tarah sakht ho rahe the aur main dhire dhire unhe masalane laga.We broke our lip lock just long enough to set the wine glasses on the table, then I stretched out on the couch and she lay full-length on top of me. I sucked the soft skin of her neck into my mouth and found her earlobe, running my tongue over it as I sucked, and I pulled her blouse aur uske makhamali badan par aapana haath sahalane laga."Ohh, yeah," she said as my hands found the strap of her bra and undid the clasp. She raised herself off me and stuck her tongue into my mouth as my hands moved to the front and undid the buttons on the blouse. With her shirt open, I pushed up her loosened bra and ran my hands over her big, hard tits, the nipples the size of pencil erasers. I lifted my head off the couch and took her right nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, flicking it with my tongue and gently nibbling with my teeth."Argh!" she said, wrapping her hand behind my head and pulling me into her chest. Then she pulled away and kissed me hard on the mouth. "Let's move to the bed," she said, her tongue snaking into my ear.She got up and walked the few feet across the room to the bed and sat back. I followed and took off her blouse and black-lace bra and went back to work on her tits with my mouth as I undid her saree. I pulled them down and laying back, she lifted her gaand from the bed to let me get them off. Underneath, she wore a thin petticoat, the thin strip of fabric disappearing into the crack of her luscious gaand , with the black hairs of her bush peeking through the trasparency of fabric in front. I leaned down and ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh to her boor lips, which were also wrapped around the thin fabric."Get undressed," she hissed. I stood and took off my sweater. Anita slid off the bed onto her knees on the floor in front of me and tugged feverishly at my belt buckle, then pulled down my pants and boxers, freeing my cock, which stood straight out from my body. Anita moaned and cupped my balls with one hand as she ran her tongue around the tip of my lund, poking into the choot. I shuddered as she took the head into her mouth, still running her tongue around it, then with one sudden movement she took all seven inches into her mouth and I felt the tightness of her throat squeezing the head."Ohh, ahh!" I moaned, wrapping my fingers in the long black hair at the back of her head as she started to bob back and forth on my lund. Anita was moaning too as she sucked me, and I could feel her saliva running down the shaft to soak my balls. Every now and then, when her mouth reached bottom, she'd pause in her bobbing long enough to snake her tongue out from around a mouthful of lund and run it over my balls. Then on an upstroke, she'd let my lund slip from between her lips and, looking up at me with her round brown eyes, she licked underneath my shaft as she rubbed my glistening lund all over her cheeks, taking first one ball then the other into her mouth and sucking gently, before deep-throating me again and bobbing up and down, faster and faster, as one hand rubbed my soaked balls and the other squeezed my chuttar.It took only a few minutes before I felt my orgasm start to stir in my balls. "I'm gonna cum," I breathed hoarsely. Anita moved her head faster, sucking harder and making slurping noises as she moved back and forth on my lund. With a cry, I grabbed her hair as the first shot of my hot cum erupted into her mouth. "Mmmm!" Anita moaned, letting the second shot hit the back of her throat before replacing her mouth with her hand, jerking me off as she held my lund aimed at her open mouth. I came on her tongue, and a few spurts hit her cheek, then she took me into her mouth again and pressed her tongue against the underside of my shaft, running it up and down to squeeze out the last of my cum."Ohhhh!" I said, collapsing to my knees in front of her. I kissed her, pushing my tongue between her lips, tasting my cum in her mouth, licking it off her chin before kissing her again, feeding it back to her as Anita continued to gently stroke my now-softening lund with her hand. I reached down between her legs and felt the fabric of the petticoat was soaked."Get up on the bed," I hissed. She climbed up and lay on her back. I pulled off the petticoat, spread her legs and dived right between them, burying my tongue between her swollen boor lips."Ohh!" she cried as my tongue flicked across her choot. I sucked her button into my mouth hard and pushed first one, then two fingers into her wet slit, rubbing hard and fast against the front of her hole. Her hips came up off the mattress and fucked back against my face."Oh my god!" she cried. "Ohh, god, Raj, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, ohhh . . ." Her boor gushed against my face and hand, her juices running down into her crack. As she came down from her orgasm, I kept right on eating her and finger-fucking her hole."Move up here," she moaned. "I want your lund in my mouth." I shifted on the bed so that my crotch was in front of her face and, lying on our sides, I lifted her leg in the air to give me better access as she took my now-semi-hard lund in her mouth.I continued sucking her choot as I moved a wet finger from her boor to her gaand . Her pucker was soaked from my saliva and the juice from her cum, so I managed to slip a finger in easily.Anita moaned and sucked hard on my cock. "Fuck me, Raj," she panted, releasing my cock. "Please chodo me. I want your lund in me."She rolled onto her back and I climbed between her legs. My lund slipped easily into her boor and we kissed deeply as I pushed all the way into her, pausing for a few moments to savour the warmth of her tight boor around my lund and her juices running down my balls.I fucked her with hard, deep strokes, then pulled out. "Turn around," I breathed, and Anita rolled over onto her hands and knees. I pushed my lund back into her boor and she pressed back against me. I grabbed the cheeks of her perfect gaand and squeezed them hard, then pressed a thumb against the pucker of her gaand . The tip of my thumb pushed in and the whole thumb easily followed. Anita was grunting as I fucked into her. She looked back over her shoulder and shook her long, black hair from her face."meri gaand mein chodo, Raj," she said, her eyes glazed over with lust. "Put your lund in my ass. I know you want to."I pulled out of her boor and pressed the head of my lund to her gaand , which was so wet from her juices that I slid right in. I stopped when the tip broke past the sphincter, to give Anita a chance to get used to it, but she pushed back against me with a frustrated, lustful wail until I was buried to the hilt. She lowered her head to the mattress and I started pumping in and out of her gaand."Oh god," I moaned. "Your gaand is so tight.""Fuck my gaand, baby," she groaned. "You chodo my gaand so good. Split me open. Ohh, god, your lund feels so good in my gaand."Main few more minutes tak Anita ki gaand marta raha, then pulled out and rolled her over onto her back. Raising her legs until her ankles were at the sides of her head, I positioned myself and pushed my lund back into her gaand . As I started pumping hard again, Anita reached down and started to furiously rub her clit. When I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, she started to wail."Oh yeah! Ohh, oh oh! I'm cumming! ..main jharame wali hoon..Oh, chodo me hard, chodo meri gaand hard baby, I'm cumming!" Her gaand squeezed my lund tightly as I continued to pump through her orgasm. I could feel the tingle start in my balls."Main bhee jharame wala hoo Anita," I panted."Meri munh mein jharo Raj," Anita hissed. "I want to taste you. I want to suck your cum."Main another minute tak Anita ki gaand mein aapana lund ghusata rah, then pulled out. Anita quickly moved into position to take my lund into her mouth and as she squeezed my balls, aour main unloaded in her mouth. She didn't swallow - she held my cum in her mouth and let it coat my lund as she moved back and forth on it. When I was done shooting, looking up at me with a smile, she swallowed what was in her mouth, then licked my lund clean.We collapsed together in a tangle of limbs, Anita smiling as she lay her head on my chest."So," I said, "do you think you'll need a ride home again tomorrow?"

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Erotic and True

I stay with my wife in her house with her parents. My wife looks great but its her mother that’s driving me crazy. She is really erotic. I have fantasized about her and cummed over her mouth and over her belly numerous times in my dream. I am so crazy for her that I used to sneak in to the bathroom when she is taking shower and peep for a few seconds through the shower curtain while her face is turned away. I even hid my camcorder in her room under some clothes to see her walk out of the bathroom naked. I succeeded in that and masturbated while looking at her ½ inch hard nipples poking out on the LCD.
I was not satisfied with that. I used to take out her panties and bra and smell them.

The perfume she uses and the faint feminine smell on her panties made me cum right away and I used to rub some of it over them. I so badly want to give her a taste of my cum that I even cummed in to her lunch(lemon rice) while she was taking shower getting ready for work. I had that devious pleasure of watching her eat my cum while talking to me. She didn’t have a clue.I wanted her to see my erect penis and that was my greatest fantasy. So I made a plan. She had the habit of opening the door and walking in to her daughter’s bedroom(which is my bedroom also obviously) with out knocking. that was kind of out of character for her. I guess she must also be secretly fantasizing about me, I sense it some times the way she looks and talks to me, but it could be just my imagination.

It was her day off and I was at home too with no one else around. I decided it was the right moment to display my oversized penis to her. I heard her remove the dried clothes from the dryer and I sensed her sitting in the living room next to my bedroom folding the clothes most of which were my wife’s and mine. I knew she would open my bedroom door and walk in any moment to place the clothes in the wardrobe. She must have assumed that I was sleeping since I was behind closed doors for some time with out making any noise. The bed faces the door and I laid down on it with my head towards the door. I pulled out my penis through the opening in my red boxer and played with it a little bit. I didn’t need to do much, just the anticipation of her walking in and seeing my cock made my cock rock hard and stood 7 inches tall and fat with the pre cum on top of it. The glans was big red and glistening. I was sure she wouldn’t have seen such a pretty cock. I was controlling my urge to cum as I was terribly excited. I wondered whether I was doing the right thing but at that moment I didn’t care about the consequences. I heard the ruffle next door and my heart started pumping. She would be here in a few seconds and here I was with my red hot thick long cock ready to burst.

My mind raced and warned me to just close the show and cover up, but I didn’t have much time to react as I heard her turning the doorknob for my room. Exactly at that moment I looked up and back right in to her eyes and my cock, which had already reached its limit just, couldn’t tolerate more and exploded cum a few inches high. During those few seconds my eyes were right in to hers and her eyes were right in to my big fat penis exploding white cum allover. I saw that horny erotic look in her eyes when she moved her eyes from my cock to my eyes, which was all, like a slow motion movie for me. She didn’t know what to do. She just placed the clothes right next to the door on the couch and left the room closing the door.
For a moment I thought I did the most terrible thing in my life, but then I realized that it could be an accident only, since she had walked in to my room with out knocking.

I covered myself, put on a pant, strengthened my heart and went out to the living room. She wasn’t there. She was in her bedroom placing her clothes. I went near her and apologized to her for what had happened. She apologized to me saying that it was her mistake to walk in to my room with out knocking. I saw in her eyes the secret desire for me. Then she asked how my relation was going with her daughter. I thought this is the moment. I told her that her daughter is not that much interested in sex and I had to masturbate now and then to relieve myself. I also told her boldly I fantasize about her while masturbating. No, you shouldn’t do that, I am like your mother! She said. She told me not to mention any thing about it to her daughter and that she wants to forget it as a bad dream. My heart broke and I was so embarrassed.
Nothing happened for a few days but her behavior towards me had changed. She wanted my big cock and at the same time she was thinking it would be wrong.

The day came again when we were both alone. I was horny for her again and decided that I should have her today what ever it takes. I went in to kitchen and took out some cooking wine and added some in to soup she had made. After lunch I turned on a movie on dvd and started watching .She joined in. She was not used to alcohol and there she was very euphoric. I had a hair cut that day and my hair was sticking out on the back. She pointed it to me .i brought her a scissor sat next to her and asked her to level it. She touched my head and cut the hair. She rubbed the hair off and said there you go. I remained seated quiet near to her and apologized again for embarrassing her the other day. She said that its OK and also jokingly added that you don’t get to see it every day any way. I had a flush and I was hoping for things to proceed .I asked her; did you like what you saw?. She blushed and when I asked again humorously she blushed again and said; it’s big! I realized that my moment has come and my cock was already making a big tent. I took her hand and suddenly placed it right on my tent. She was shocked and asked me” what are you doing? But she didn’t remove her hand and it was actually gripping my penis. Afer a moment she took her hand away but by then I had confirmed it that she too wants me.

I again took her hand and forcibly placed it on my cock again. This time she kept it there and gently started squeezing it but had kept her face turned away from me. Its not right she said. I didn’t listen to her. I opened the zipper pulled out the big cock and placed her hand on it. As soon as she felt the warm shaft in her hand she turned towards it and tried to pull her hand away, I forced it there and she started squeezing it gently again. I gently held her head and forced it down towards my cock. She kept looking at it but slightly resisted. Her cheek touched my cock .I requested her to make my fantasy come true. She all of a sudden took my cock in her mouth and it was heavenly. There it was in my mother in law’s mouth and my dream is coming true. My cock was ready to ejaculate and my head was swooning with her mouth’s warmth. I pulled her mouth little out and My cock exploded right on her nose and lips. She made a frowning face . My dream of seeing my cum all over my mother in laws face finally came true.

I told her that my dream is fulfilled and asked her whether she wanted any thing from me. She said that she doesn’t want any thing. She told that it was the first and last and that we should forget that this thing ever happened. We still are living together and we are living as if all that was a dream. My wife doesn’t even have a clue.


My mom and dad were across town watching a movie and my sister was at a friend's house, so I had the whole house to myself and our maid Shanti. That made it a perfect time to go on the internet and download some porn. The computer was in dads room and I was sure Shanti would not come there. I sat down at the desk and turned on the computer. When the computer finished booting up I put my floppy disk in because I wanted to save anything I found so I could use it in my computer. The computer in my room didn't have a web browser on it, but if I saved pictures I could still see them.

I immediately clicked on the web browser and typed in: A moment later the screen popped up that said if you aren't over twenty-one years old you aren't allowed to see this site. I was fifteen, but that wasn't going to stop me. I typed in OK and I was in. The model of the day was a tall brunette named "Angel". I clicked on her half naked picture and it brought me to a screen with a list of about two dozen x-rated shots of her. I clicked on the first one. It was a shot of "Angel" sucking a guy's dick with his large cock all the way in her mouth. Even though I wanted a girl to suck my dick, I didn't care to see another guy getting a blow job, so I went to the next pic.

The next pic had "Angel" with her fingers in her pussy and a look of pure pleasure on her face. Now, that was what I liked to see. My cock started making a tent in my pajamas. I went to the next picture.

The next pic had "Angel" getting pounded up her cunt by a big hairy guy, and she had a smile on her face that went from ear to ear.

"Raj babu.. aapako kuchh chahiye?" Shanti asked, just coming into the room. "Ohh," she said surprised.

Shanti was fourteen, about 5' 2", four inches shorter than me, she had long, straight hair that went to her hips, and she weighed about 55 kgs. She wasn't really fat, like some girls I've seen, but she wasn't thin. She was a little chubby, but she was still cute and very nice. She had big boobs and big round ass. I had thought of fucking her in the ass many times.

"Ha ha," she giggled. "aap kya kar rahen hain Raj babu?" she was surprised looking at the computer screen.

She came beside me and looked closer. "Malik bahut naraz honge..aap kya dekh rahe hain?" she smiled shrewdly.

Arree Shanti.. tum kyon aayee?.. Please dady ya mummy ko kuchh maat kahana.. I was little fearful.

theek hai.. main mem saab ko nahi bataungi..lekin aap mujhe bhi dikhaiye.. she sat near the table.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind. What if I could convince Shanta and then she could suck me like Angel in the pic. That way she will never tell mom and I will have some one in the house to play with when alone.

But how to make her in doing that. I thought the pics in the net would definitely help.

I took the mouse and went to the next picture.

The next one was of "Angel" bent over a computer desk getting fucked up the ass, with her eyes closed and her tongue on her lips.

"ohh Raj babu.. ye log kaise iis tarah se photo khichwate hain?" she asked.

"Mujhe kya pata Shanti..," I said awkwardly. I clicked on the next picture.

It had "Angel" getting fucked doggy style while licking another guy's dick while she had come all over her face and some in her hair.

"uuiii Ram.. ye wo laraki kya kar rahi hai..kaisa taste hoga usaka," Shanti had a big surprise in her eyes. I looked at her and finding the right opportunity, took her face in my mouth and kissed her. She did not move. I felt a strange sensation in my stomach. Then I went to the next pic.

Now "Angel" was getting her clit licked by another girl, who was a blond.

Shanti was like glued to the computer screen. I knew I was going to have her suck me and if lucky, fuck her too. Then I went to the next pic.

The same blond was riding "Angel's" face while "Angel was fingering herself.

Now there was another guy, who was naked, giving "Angel" a massage. She was on her back getting her breasts oiled.

Saying nothing, I went to the next picture. Now I wanted was to arouse Shanti so much that she would make the next move.

"Angel" was in a sixty-nine with a guy. I went to the next picture."Angel" was kissing a guy who had his hand rubbing her pussy.

I went to the next pic. "Angel" was riding a guy's cock with her hands on his shoulders. In the next picture, "Angel" was on her back getting fucked by a guy, and she had her legs wrapped around him.

Suddenly Shanti left the room without saying anything.

I sat back down on the chair and felt something wet. I put my hand down to push myself up off the seat and it slipped right off and I fell on my face. I got up and looked at the chair. It had this clear liquid on it. I smelled my hand. I knew that smell, pussy juice. Shanti had gotten really wet looking at those pics.

I looked into the hall. She wasn't there. I went out of the room and heard a strange noise. I followed it to Shanti's room. Her door was partly open so I peeked inside. Shanti was completely naked and humping herself like mad with her hand.

"Oh, my god!" I thought to myself.

Her D-cup breasts were bouncing up and down, her hair was all over the place and she was moaning loud. It was really hot!

I unzipped my pants, took out my giant lund , and started beating it. I stared at Shanti and rubbed my aching cock and it felt so good.

Shanti had her eyes closed, immersed in some fantasy.

I was almost ready to blow my load when I heard my mother's voice behind me.

"Raj..where are you!" she yelled for me.

"Oh my God!" Shanti looked up at me holding my cock and quickly pulled the covers of her bed over her naked body. I ran in the kitchen to hide myself. Thank God, Mom did not see me in Shantis room.

At about one o'clock at night, my door opened slowly. It was Shanti. She was wearing a saree. "Shanti, .. mujhe maaf karana.. main to aise hee tumhare kamare mein chala gaya tha aur tumako waisa karate dekh kar mera lund khara ho gaya .. main bhee rok nahi saka" I whispered.

"nahi..nahi raj babu..," she said. She sat on my bed next to me. Then she looked at me. "raj babu.. aap mujhe aapane boor mein ungali karate dekh kara aapana lund ragar rahe the na…aap mujhe desk kar matwale hogaye na..main to samajhati thi ki mera mota deh aapako achchha nahi lagega..aap..

"Arrree nahi, Shanti. Tum bilkul moti nahi ho..vastav mein tum to bahut sexy ho I whisoered holding her in my arms. My cock was now cock rod."

"sachmuch!!?" asked Shanti. "Aap bhi mujhe bath achchhe lagate ho raj babu." Then she leaned over and kissed me full on the lips.

It was so wonderful.

Then she stood up and took off her saree. Then she pulled off her blouse. She didn't have a bra on. Then she pulled downher saya (petticoat) and tossed them on the pile of clothes and stood there in the middle of the room.

I sat there with my mouth open.

She took my hand and put it on her crotch. I could feel the heat, and her juices were dripping on my hand. I rubbed her pussy and she moaned with pleasure, so I kept doing it.

As I was rubbing her, she took off my pajamas and started rubbing my flacid cock. It got hard immediately.

Then she lay down on my bed and spread her legs. I took my cue and put my head between her legs. I licked her pussy and her juices got all over my face. As I was
licking her, she put her hand behind her back and I didn't see what she was doing, but she seemed to like it because she started breathing more heavily. Then she turned over on her hands and knees and spread one butt cheek with her hand.

"meri choot chooso raj babu she said.

I put my face closer to her cunt. I'd never done this before. I smelled her pussy, it was very exciting..musky but not stinky. I saw that her pussy was smooth.

Slowly I stuck my tongue inside her cunt and touched her anus with my fingers. "Ahh!" she gasped. Seeing her reaction gave me confidence, so I licked with gusto. I licked around the outside
first, then I stuck my finger inside her anus, she got used to it soon and got to like it.

My cock was so hard it felt like it was going to explode so I stopped licking and put my cock in her butt.

"Oooooh," she moaned.

I pumped away at her ass and she was loving every minute of it. But, it was rather tight and there was no lubrication, so I took it out and put it in her pussy.

She seemed to like that even more. After a couple of minutes she orgasmed with a suppressed cry and she squirmed all over the bed. Then I came and shot twice before I was able to pull out and I shot the rest all over her giant tits. With that I collapsed and we spooned and fell asleep together. In the morning, she was gone into her room before any one could wake up.

If you have any questions, complements, complaints, or suggestions, feel free to write me at this address:

Sunita Chachi ki Chudai

School was out for the summer as of today and life was good. Coming into the kitchen, Mom looked at me smiling. I went over to the fridge, opened the door and took out my bottle of coke. Grabbing the opener off the fridge I popped the cap off and turned looking at my mother. She smiled at me and I heard her say "Well Sunita, tum raat ko careful rahana, tumhare muhalle mein kaafi chorian ho rahi hain aaj kaal". Wow, Mom was talking to Sunita Chachi, what a dish she was! I remembered a wedding we went to last month. Sunita Chachi was there, wearing a tight saree exposing every curve of her sexy body. and I was smitten by her. You see she is thirty years old and beautiful. I was sitting out in the foyer of the hall where the wedding was, and the toilets were out there.
Sunita Chachi came out smiling at me, and she went into the ladies room. A few minutes later, she looked out, seeing that I was the only one out there she slowly walked out. Looking at me with her big brown eyes and smiling Sunita Chachi asked " Kamdev, tum aaj raat ko mere paas rahoge?” I replied " Aap kahati hain to jaroor rul jaunga Sunita Chachi." She gave me a smile that made me feel kind of funny. Then she walked by me and I looked at her. I could see her ass! It was covered with the thin saree, but I could see right through it. Her ass, was beautiful. She turned, looking at me and seeing where I was looking she smiled that strange smile again. I think my mouth was hanging open, my eyes wide, then she was gone... "Kamdev" I heard my mother say. Mom said " kya soch rahe ho." Snapping out of my daydream, I asked " kya hua Mom?" My mother said " Sunita Chachi kah rahee hain ki tum kuchh din unake paas raho?" Taking a sip from my pop bottle, I said " yedi aap aur dady kahate hain to main raah jaunga." Mom said " main tumhare dady ko bata dungi." Little did I know that my Mom and dad were getting intimate with the neighbors. They were playing strip poker together and swinging! Visions of erotica were dancing in my mothers head. It was settled, I got to stay with my beautiful Sunita Chachi, That Girl. I was in seventh heaven, walking on air as I packed my suitcase.
Later that day Sunita Chachi arrived, driving a new red Maruti. Sunita Chachi's husband is an architect, he is on assignment in the Middle East for three months. Gopal Chacha was always going places, it seemed. Sunita Chachi was hot, wearing yellow saree, that hugged her butt. The crack down the middle of her ass, those round cheeks of her heart shaped ass. Her tan legs, her nice cantaloupe size tits, my god I was in lust. Sunita Chachi smiled at me, then hugging me in greeting, she said " Thank you so much Kamdev, for being nice enough to come and stay with me." I think I blushed almost afraid that my crotch would have a tell-tale bulge, lucky for me it did not. Kissing Mom good-bye Sunita Chachi and I were off. Sunita Chachi drove, like she lived her life, fast. She was watching me out of the corner of her eye. Every time she turned a corner fast she would ask me " tum daar to nahi raahe ho Kam? I mean you aren't going to pee your pants, are you?" She put her hand on my thigh squeezing lightly, Smiling that same smile she had at the wedding. I looked over at her the wind blowing her dark hair, her dark sun glasses, I was in awe of her. Sunita Chachi looked over smiling at me saying " Daro maat. Main tumako katoongi nahi." We pulled into her drive way of her house. She showed me my room and said " tum munh haath dho kar fresh ho jao. " After I was settled in to the guest room, I joined Sunita Chachi in the living room. She was laying on the sofa on her stomach, just looking at me. She was wearing a loose gown and and no bra. I could see her melon size tits and bark brown nipples. She looked over at me smiling, her eyes matching her smile. I noticed her breasts, full, spilling out of her top. God I thought, I am being slowly tortured. I could feel my dick, crawling around my trunks. She said " Kamdev, main bahut tired feel kar rahi hoon. Come on over here and put some oil on my back !" I hesitantly walked over, and I saw her pulling her bikini bottoms into the crack of her butt. She pulled them up her ass-crack, her ass split by her pink bikini bottom. God her ass was incredible! I walked over to her, she was looking at me over her shoulder.
She picked up the bottle of body lotion and handed over to me. I opened the bottle, pouring some lotion on her back. The shiny lotion, reminded me of what comes out of my cock when I play with it. I lightly rubbed her shoulders, with my finger tips. Sunita Chachi said " Kamdev I will not break honey, rub me harder." I almost groaned out loud when I looked between her legs. I could see her pussy hair, dark, sticking out of her tightly pulled bikini. That was not all, I could see her pink pussy lip, sticking out of the side. I did moan then, she turned looking over her shoulder. She asked " Is something wrong Kam?" I answered " Nahi Sunita Chachi." Yes there was, my cock was hard, sticking out. Leaning over her back, my cock rubbed her bottom. She sighed, looking back at me. I tried to hide my predicament, and only made it worse. By lowering myself my cock brushed her ass harder. Sunita Chachi smiled back at me saying " Oh Kamdev, I am sorry, it seems I have you all excited." She added " ghabarao maat beta, ye to natural hai." She wiggled her ass at my hard cock. I started rubbing the lotion harder, into her smooth skin. She mewed with pleasure, my hands rubbing her back. My god, she was topless, and her ass and more was bare, for me to look at. She said " Kamdev beta, oil mere chuttar par phi lagao na. Mujhe aachha lagata hai." My hands slid down her back, touching those jewels, her soft ass cheeks. I did groan then, as I felt them in my hands. Putting more lotion on her ass, I could not help but to think, it looks like spunk on her butt! Rubbing her ass, so soft, smooth she had her head turned laying on the back of her hands. A smile of contentment on her face. Sunita Chachi said, " Make sure to put it in my crack too Kam." My fingers slid into her ass crack, rubbing the lotion in, looking into her crotch, really liking what I was seeing. After I finished her backside, she turned over.
My eyes wide as I saw her tits, the nipples, a dark, brown color. The nipples, standing out, looking like huge eraser tips. She looked at me, her eyes almost pleading, she said " Kamdev, please mera nipples chooso, I really need you to." I thought I saw a tear, in her eyes, as I leaned down, kissing her pebble hard nipple. Sunita Chachi cried out, I licked her nipple, like it were a gumdrop. She put her hand in my shaggy hair, pulling my face down. My mouth opened, sucking her hard nipple in. I nursed on her breasts like a baby, sucking them, her hands tugging, pulling my hair. Sunita Chachi moaned, saying " Yes Kam, that's it...oh god I am so starved for love." I moaned around her tits, licking them doing anything she asked. She seemed so happy and sad, all at the same time. I felt her hand running down my bare back, she went all the way down to my ass. Cupping it, she was squeezing my ass. She said " Kamdev, beta, can I take your trunks off. Tumhara lund pant mein uncomfortable laag raaha hai. " She added " It is okay honey, I wouldn't hurt you, you know that." Looking at her, she was beautiful, hell I would have jumped off the Ktub Minar building for her at that moment I moved up to her, kneeling by the side of her. She reached up, pulling down the band around my trunks. Untying the string, my boner, rubbing her forearm. Sunita Chachi pulled my trunks down, my hard cock snapped up, bobbing around. Sunita Chachi said " My goodness, Kam, tumhara lund kitana bara are bigger then my husband, my goodness."
She pulled my trunks all the way down, and I stood up, stepping out of them. My hard cock bobbing around as Sunita Chachi got up on her knees, taking my hard-on in her warm hand. I shivered with excitement. Sunita Chachi, her hand moving up and down my cock, just like mine does, she leaned forward, her tongue licking at the purple head of my swollen cock. Her wet tongue, flicked out, lashing my cock. I groaned, saying " You better be careful Chachi, or something might happen!" She looked up at me smiling, then she said "Its okay Kam, main to chahati hoon ki waisa ho.., don't hold back." Sunita said " main janato hoon ki tumhare lund se kaisa white cream nikalata hai.., I don't care." Then she slipped her lips over my cock, sucking it into her mouth. It felt like melted butter, her warm wet mouth. Her cheeks, sucking in creating a warm suction. Sunita Chachi's mouth, slid up and down my cock. She kept looking up at me, watching me, enjoying the look of pleasure, on my face. Her hand stroked the part of my cock that was not in her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin, god she looked so exciting with her mouth full of my cock. Her lips made wet sucking sounds, I remembered my father and uncle painting once. I walked in the room and they were saying the "Wet paint, sounded like a sloppy piece of ass." They laughed then turned seeing me, they both became quiet. I wondered if this was what they meant. I watched my Aunt, sucking me, her hand jacking me off. It was to much... I groaned, then shouting " Sunita Chachi, lagat hai I am going to cum..mera lung aapane munh se nikal lo..!" She looked up at me her eyes shining, shaking her head no, she sucked, and jerked me off harder. I wanted to throw my head back and scream, it felt so good.
But all I could do was watch while she sucked me off. I moaned, feeling the cum, burning it's way up my cock. My balls shrank up, as my cock pumped Sunita Chachi's sucking mouth full of my teenage cum. Her eyes wide, at my load, it leaked out, the corners of her mouth. Silvery white, it ran down her cheeks, dripping down, hanging like drool, from her chin. She kept sucking, draining me, wanting all I had to give. Sunita Chachi slipped, my cock out of her mouth, looking at it. My cock was wet, shiny with cum, and she leaned forward licking it. I could see her tongue, gooey with my cum. Sunita Chachi wiped the cum, with her hand that was wet on her face. She rubbed it on her nipples, moaning. She looked at me and said " Kam, will you do something for me now?" I answered, " Yes Auntie, I want to make you happy now." She said " Oh honey, I am already happy. But I am horny. Tum aab mera choot chooso na?" Her hands pulled down the panty she was wearing. Her hairy dark bush, nestled between her legs. She looked at me, laying back on the sofa, spreading her legs. I could see the wet pink folds, inside her pussy, or Choot or boor, as some guys call it. She ran her fingers through her bush spreading her lips. She said " Come on honey, chooso aab, tumhare chacha ji kabhi meri boor nahin choosate hain . He thinks it will make him less of a man or some crazy thing." I crawled over between her legs, I could smell her, perfume, and something more exotic. Like the sea, I don't know, it's hard to describe.
I placed my hands on her thighs. Her eyes, bright with lust and desire, I lowered my face. Sunita Chachi hissed " That's it Kam, my god, it has been so long." My tongue touched her sticky lips, licking timidly at first. The taste was not bad! It reminded me faintly of sweet onions. I dove in. Licking her pussy, my tongue flicking back and forth. Like she did to my cock. She moaned, crying, saying " Yes, oh yes, oh Kam, sweetie aur jor se meri chhot chooso.. oh my god." Sunita Chachi, moaned and howled, about how it has been so long, how Gopal Chacha is older then her, and he likes his whiskey bottle more then her when he is home. I couldn't help thinking Gopal Chacha must be nuts. One taste of my aunts pussy and I was hooked. My tongue licked Sunita Chachi's pussy, wanting to taste her forever. The creamy syrup starting to leak, my tongue lapped it all up. Licking down further, I started to lick her tiny brown asshole. She moaned, saying " God Kam, no one has ever licked my ass, before. Bahut achcha lag raha hai..aur chooso beta..aapani chachi ki gand gili kar do..!" My tongue tasted her asshole, the erotic flavor of her ass, drove me wild. Her ass bucked at my licking tongue, until it slipped into her tight asshole. I don't know how I knew, how to lick my aunt to a frenzy, I guess it just came natural. I just wanted to make her happy, at this moment I loved her so much. Sunita Chachi moaned, her hands gripping my hair, her pussy riding up and down my face. I felt her wet slippery juice, painting my face. I licked my way back up to her wet slit. My tongue tasting her juices, I started licking, sucking, anything that made her moan.
She moaned, cried " Oh my god, Kam, oh yeah...I am cumming, ahhh.. oh yeah..." Sunita Chachi's cries of pleasure drove me wild, as her pussy flooded my mouth, my face. She pulled me up to her, hands on my face. Sunita Chachi said " Come up here honey, kiss me." I moved up, my naked body sliding on hers, looking at her eyes, she pulled me down, kissing me, her tongue licking my lips. Sunita Chachi had me sleep in her room, she said she wanted to be held, did not want to be alone, ever again. She and I learned how to please each other, over and over again that night. She sat on top, my cock inside her wet pussy, riding me, while I sucked on her nipples. My hands sliding up and down her sweaty back, my fingers cupping her ass. The look of bliss, on her face as she had orgasm after orgasm. She liked to lick the milky cum off my cock. Her eyes looking at me while her pink tongue, licked seductively, at our mingled juices. Sunita Chachi, surprised me, she swung herself around over me, her wet drippy pussy over my face. I could see my cum, pearly white, leaking out. Then she lowered her wet pussy, down on my face. her mouth sucking my cock, I started to lick her pussy, tasting my cum and her's. Spent, we slept, I awoke hard, and turned to face her. My hard cock touching her ass. She moaned, asking " Is that hard lund of yours all for me?" I moved to kiss her neck, she purred, wiggling her ass on my cock. She turned to look at me, I said "ye to baas aapka hai ..aab tum meri slut ho Sunita Chachi..mera lund tumhara hai aur tumhari chhot aur gand aur tumhara ye sexy badan aab saam mera hai..." Sunita said " Kamdev, would you do me a favor?" I answered " Sunita Chachi, I would do anything for you. Just name it!" She said " Kamdev, I have a surprise for you."
She turned to look at him over her shoulder, then she said " Kamdev, meri gand mein pelo..main tumhara mota lund aapani gaand mein lena chahati hoon..fuck me, right up my ass." She pushed her ass back, her crack, opening, I could see her tiny dark asshole. Sunita Chahi pulled her ass cheeks open, with her right hand. Looking at me, she said " Come on hurry, aaj tak kisi ne meri gand mein nahi choda one has ever had me this way. Aaj tum meri gand ko khoob chodo.." I knelt behind her ass, spreading her cheeks open with both hands, he bent forward, licking her asshole. Sunita moaned, pushing her ass back at his tongue. My tongue slid up her hot asshole. I licked her ass out, until she screamed, " Fuck me, now, right in my ass!" I rubbed some cream it into her asshole, pushing his finger up her ass. Adding another finger I worked my fingers in her ass, trying to loosen her up for my cock. I put the head of my cock to her puckered asshole. Sunita Chachi, moaned, as I pushed the head, slowly into her tight ass. I watched, as the purple head slowly slid up her ass. Sunita’s ass cheeks spread, so wide. I watched my cock slowly slide into Sunita Chachi's butt. Sunita Chachi howled " Oh yeah, ahhh, god, Kamdev, fuck my ass!" I listened to his aunt moan and beg to have her ass fucked. I started to slowly, fuck his cock in and out of her ass. I watched as mycock slid in and out of her tight ass. Sunita Chachi, her head whipping from side to side urged me to fuck her harder. Her asshole was so hot, so tight, I felt her fingers, rubbing her pussy. Sunita Chachi moaned, her ass fucking back, meeting my stroke for stroke. Sunita Chachi screamed " OH FUCK, FUCK MY ASS, MERI GAND PHAR DALO…AUR JOR SE PELO..I AM CUMMING..." I groaned, moaning as her asshole gripped my cock even tighter, as she came. I shouted " Sunita Chachi, I am cumming, ahhhh, right in your gand!" My cock pumped my cum into Sunita’s, clenching asshole. I watched as she slowly slumped forward. My cock slid out of her ass, making a popping sound. My cock, coated with a film of cum, the cum had a light brown tint to it. I saw her aunts asshole, gaping open, my cum trickled out. I could see little flecks of her shit, leaking out, floating in his cum. I thought of my uncle and fathers comments about a sloppy piece of ass. I chuckled, thinking, now that's what I would call a sloppy piece of ass! Those chachis and girls and guys who like my experience should e-mail me with their comments

Sheeba Ki Suhagraat

I have become friends to many readers of Desipapa through my stories. I receive many fan e-mails from readers of both the sexes. A few have become very close friends. Parvez and Sheeba are very supporting fan of my stories. Infact I have met Parvez a few times as he lives not far away from where I live.It was a very pleasant surprise when I receive the marriage invitation from Parvez. He was getting married to Sheeba who also is fan of my writings and a close friend of mine now. I gladly accepted the invitation from Parvez. A few days later, I got the invitation from Sheeba as well, but since I have already confirmed with Parvez, I decided to attend the marriage from the barat side.I have not met Sheebs but hearing from Parvez and all that I have seen and read about muslim girls, I already had a beautiful image of Sheeba in my mind. Muslim girls are very sexy and extremenly good in love making. Theu would do anything and everytyhing to please their men.When I saw Sheeeba, I wa stunned. She was very beautiful and very very sexy and attractive. I became jealous of Parvez for a moment for his luck in marrying Sheeba. Sheeba was a tall girl, fair, almond shaped eyes, a beauty oval face, her hair long upto her bums and a stunning figure 36-24-36(literally) and - thank God - she was not those thin types, but neither fat..just absolutely right.Marriage ceremony went on very well. I did not get any chance to talk to Sheeba. I had told her that I will be coming to her marriage with the barat party. Parvez seemed very excited and happy. He was very happy that I was attending his marriage. He told me that he will give me such a pleasant surprise if I attended his marriage that no one has ever given to his friend. I was not sure what he had in mind until that night.It was suhagraat night for Parvez and Sheeba. I being a very close friend of Parvez, had the bedroom just net to where the newlyweds were to sleep. I went to bed thinking of how Parvez will be spending his first married night with the most beautiful girl Sheeba.It was around 11.00 pm when I heard a mild knock on my bedroom door. I was surprised to see Parvez knocking the door.“What is the matter Parvez? What are you doing here? Ye to tumhari suhagraat hai..saab theek to hai?” I asked with a surprised. “Every thing is just fine Dev. Remember I told you about the surprise gift if you came to my marriage?” He replied with a strange smile. “Yes..yes.. I do remember that.. but what is there at this time in the night?” I was still surprised.“Please come with me in my room very silently. I want you to meet Sheebs and I don’t want anyone to know about it. Done ask questions and come with me” Parvez pulled me out of the room. I was in my pazamas and he did not let me change to a descent clothes. Sheeba was stiting on the bed, tired of the marriage activities through out the day. But she was as beautiful and sexy as ever. Parvez introduced me to her; “Sheeba, meet Kamdev.. a very close friend of mine.. and now a close friends of ours.” Parvez did not knoe yet that I was known to Sheeba through my stories.I saw a surprised but happy look in Sheeba’s eyes. She said softly “ achha hua aap aa gaye. Main to aapaka intezaar kar rahi thi.” “Tum inhe janati ho?” asked Parvez with surprise. “Yes.. I have read his many stories and I am a fan of his writings” she smiled. “ Ohhh.. then it is going to be so wonderful. I have promised Dev for a pleasant surprise gift tonoight..and tghat gift is that he will spend this suhagraat with you and not me” said Parvez in a commanding voice.I was stunned to hear this. I had never thought of such a gift in my wildest dream. Sheebs looked at me with a sexy smile and then looked at parvez “ jaisi aapaki will be my pleasure too”. Parvez left the room to sleep in my room and told me that he would be back around 4.00 am in the morning to change places. This was unbvelievable. Here I was with the girl of my dreams..who was there for my pleasure.Without wasting any time, I lifted Sheeba in my arms .. she was very nice to hold in my arms, soft and warm, receptive and responsive. This was going to be the most memorable night of my life and I wanted it to be the same for Sheeba.It was around midnight. Sheeba was still in her sexy suhagraat dress, her body was sending sparks up my mind and my organ was constantly on a hard-on. Sheeba got up from the bed to touch my feet which was little too much for me. “ do that Sheeba… we are friends and you should not touch my feet.”..I said holding her up in my arms. I hugged her hard pressing her against my chest. I could feel her hard round breasts pressed against me. Sheeba gave me a glass of milk you .. I guess that was meant to get me more energy for the night. I took the glass from Sheeba and drank half of the milk. I then offered the rest of the milk to Sheeba from the same glass which she drink with a smile on her face. I hugged her again. Sheeba was shying as it was her first time to be with a man in her life .I could not control myself and I put my lips on her sexy lips. she slowly opened her lips to let my tongue explore her mouth….the kiss was passionate which caused excitement in Sheeba and she embarrassed me closely.Sheeba opened her lovely eyes, gave me a nice long kiss, brought my face down her cleavage and rubbed her breasts on my face. I softly laid her on the bed and I drew her closer to me, planting a hot wet kiss on her lips, which opened to welcomemy tongue; Sheeba sucked on my tongue and then pushed her tongue inside my mouth. Sheeba's mouth was sugary sweet; her saliva in mouth was fantastic. She really smelled nice and I could see sex oozing out of each pore of her body.After kissing for five or ten minutes I took Sheeba to bed. Sheeba whispered in my ears..”light bujha dijiye na.. mujhe sharam aa rahi hai..”
But I did not hear her this request as I wanted to see her beauty in light. “…Sheeba please let me see your beauty in light…don’t ask me to put off the light.. aaj lagata hai ke chaudaween kaa chand meri jholi mein aa gira hai..” I said with smile holding her hands in my hands. She kept quiet and I slowly and slowly started fondling her breasts. and after some time I removed her blouse as her bra was unable to hold her breasts and her breasts were looking to be enclosed in a cage of bra which were trying to come out from bra. I opened the strap of her bra and free her breasts from the cage of bra . I was so excited to see her breasts that for some time I lost control and I forget if I was in this world .When I regained my concise I started fondling her breasts and sucking her erect nipples .
At last words came from my mouth "Sleep with me" !!. She did as I said and lay besides me on the bed. For a few minutes we were motionless, suddenly she tightened my hand with hers and placed it on her belly. I made up mind not to waste time anymore.... I crawled my hand to her boobs, she was holding my hand tightly and never let me press it. She guided my hand to her face and I started tickling her ears. I can hear her Sex ecstasy voice “mmmmm..mmmmm”.I was half way on her, and started with a smooch. She lost her control and hold my hair tightly and never let me take my lips. I reached her tongue with mine, and she gave a bite. I kissed her all over her face, and so did she. I started to invade her boobs. We were hugging and spinning each other rolling all over the bed, kissing each other. “Ohh Dev..ummmmmm..” she whispered my name and hold my buttocks tightly to hers. As my hard pennies touched her she was jolted, and hold my buttocks still tighter and reached my neck hugging with hers. When it was on the go, I slowly put my hands into her buttocks and slowly lowered her saya. She suddenly realized and refrained me doing so. “ohh Dev.. ye kya kar rahe hoo.. mujhe sharam aa rahi hai..”I acted as if I have heard nothing. She was still half dressed in her petticoat and I removed it. The hand full of breast standing stiff and erect astonished me. We hugged in bare body and I realized the heat of her body in me. I dragged my tongue all over her face, arm pit and boobs.
She was so curious and hold my back hair and guide me from her boobs to belly. She was agonized by the tickle of belly. I went down licking and reached her toes. I stated going back kissing her legs and thighs. I raised her saya and kissed her thighs and started my prime journey (in side the saya) towards the treasure of her cunt. She was again jolted, but as she felt inconvenience with her skits, she immediately unbuckled her saya and took off. No word can explain her sexual exposure in the darkness. We started kissing more heavily and she gently pushed me horizontal. She then climbed over me and while sitting up, she pulled of my shirt, then kissed my chest a little. She slid down the bed and started to work on my pajamas. I was now starting to get real hard. She slid off my pajamas and tossed them on the floor. She saw my hard large cock in my briefs.I pulled her down closer to me and began to neck with her some more. Now she was starting to really smile. She sat back up over me. Her large tits fell un-hindered free against her chest. I took them each in my hands and start to rubthem. Sheeba was now starting to groan. I pulled her down to me and slipped a nipple in my mouth and began to tease it with my tongue. Sheeba was now moaning and breathing very heavily. Now, slid her up some more to me and began to work on her saya. After a second, I pulled them off exposing her wide hips and fantastic ass. She was wearing unbelieveable black panties. I start to pull at them, but Sheeba propped herself up and said, "Not so fast. This is my present to you." She then leaned over to me (her large tits falling on to me) and slid down to my briefs. She slid those off and my large 8" erect cock finally sprang free (her hair falling all down around my cock).
She looked over my large cock and grinned. “…. hi Allah itna bada aur itna mota…” Sheeba then began to lick my balls, the underneath of my cock - all up and down, and my head real, real slow. I was getting SO hard. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her nipples. Then she finally, suddenly closed her mouth over my shaft and began to suck. I felt like I was going to come out. “ohh Sheeba.. aab rokana bara mushkil hai.. lagata hai main jharanewala hoon..” I tried to remove my cock from her mouth Moaning and thrashing, within minutes I came into her mouth and chin. When she came back up she was grinning like crazy. I said, "aab tumhari bari hai Sheeba..Now its your turn...I want to lick your smooth soft sexy choot.." And pulled her by her thighs, horizontal with her head past my feet and her crotch right next to my face.
She was a goddess. Her tits were firm and nice and waist was slender and a deep navel. She had a perfect ass and nice black triangle in between her thighs. I came over her and took her tits one by one. She moaned as I bit her nipples and went down to her navel. I feasted on her navel and came to the bushy black triangle. She slowly opened her legs and exposed her pink cunt, which was now dripping with her cum. Her pussy was bulging between her legs and her panties were starting to show her dampness. I slid them off over and behind me (her brown cunt hair was gorgeous), and dove into her cunt with my tongue and pulled out just as quick, sending waves of ecstasy rippling through her body. I slowly licked up and down the outside of her slick pussy lips. Finally, I plunged back into her cunt slowly licking her clit to eventually send her an orgasm.. I put my tongue deep into her cunt and licked her. She moaned and cried and pushed herself towards me asking for more. I eat her cum like a hungry tiger but she kept cumming.Now, I was back erect and we were both reaching our peaks. We rested for a second, then we kissed and licked each other for a couple minutes. “tumhare ees tohfe ke liye bahut bahut shukria Sheeba.. that was great..” I held her tight in my arms and whispered to her ears. “mujhe bhi bahut maza aaya Dev.. I am thankful to Parvez for giving me such a great suhagraat gift..” Sheeba said hiding her face in my chest. “abhi to shuruat hai meri Sheeba…I will give you so much pleasure that you have had never imagined” saying this I motioned and pushed her into a position with her on "all fours" leaning the headboard of the bed. I got behind her and played with her large beautiful breasts as they stiffened a little more and she moaned. She then looked behind her as I started to finger her now slick cunt. I eventually go to working 2 fingers in her, and her head fell limp as she moaned in pleasure.
I knew it was the time, and pulled out my fingers and brought my cock to her pussy. I gently seperated her cunt's lips and slipped my head inside. Then I slid my hands back up to cup her breasts (her nipples now standing out very hard). I moved just a little my head in and out of her pussy, and Sheeba brought her head back up looked around at me, and said, "Fuck me, now...ohh Dev.. aab raha nahi jata.. daal do aapana ye mota lumba lund meri choot mein.."
I spread her legs and trusted my hardest cock in to her cunt, I was unsuccessful, because she was virgins and her cunt was very tight. I split in my hand and applied in my cock to lubricate the passage. I then held my hard cock and guiding into her passage. I trusted my penis with a vigor to reach inside. After many unsuccessful attempts at last my cock reached deep inside the hole she shouted of pain. “..ohh Dev.. maar jaungi..bahut dard ho raha hai…” I immediate smooched her to stop shouting. She started biting her mouth deeply of pain and I was more generous let her do. I held my cock in her cunt motionless for a moment and then I gradually started moving my buttocks in and out. I was imagining how will she take me inside her I thrusted the tip of my cock she screamed with pain aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Uuuffffffffffffff , Ooooooooiiiiiiiii maaaaaa mar gayeeeeee I pulled my dick out and again I pushed with a greater force half of my shaft was inside her she was moaning with joy and pain, I kept on pushing my tool inside her I felt an obstruction, I thrusted real harder in few attempt the obstruction was cleared, I tore off her hymen she screamed ooooooo Dev…ssssshhhhhh tumne mujhe aurat bana diya. I started pumping slowly as the time passed my speed kept increasing she enouraged me by making lovely moaning and complementing “..your cock is a monster , tear my pussy into ,pieces..phra do meri tight choot..ohh Dev fuck me hard..fuck me..fuck me..fuck me.. .” I started pumping very fast, she was also responding by pushing her pussy along with my strokes , our fucking was getting deeper &faster I could feel her pussy getting hold of my cock her clit was leaking making the paradise passage more lubricated I was stroking like a super fast express in and out. She made large sounds ooooohhhhhhhhh Harder ,faster mmmm more uhhhhhhh , she had an orgasm.
I then pulled on her breasts as I banged into her and her head fell again. I banged deep into her again, and I was in heaven. I squeezed her tits as I pulled myself into her again and again. She used her muscles to clench onto my dick as I went in each time, and also slid back onto me a little to create a little more impact. She kept getting slicker and slicker and I worked her faster and faster. We were both moaning. I increased my speed now it was able to feel the heat insideher cunt, god she started to scream a little “uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh fassssssssst stilllllllll fassssssssssst yessssssssss noooooooo ya ha ha ha haaa do that again. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha”. Then we rotated on the bed, now I was below her and she was above me, she put in my dick to her cunt and started going up and down, she was literally guiding her cunt in every jump. I was enjoying herjumping balls. She shouted “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhha” So was I shouting with similar sounds.
Eventually I grabbed her tits and pulled her back onto me, and held her there as I came (a lot!) into her pussy, and Sheeba, in turn, had a shuddering orgasm. We then collapsed onto the bed. It must have been around 4.00 am when Parvez knocked on the door. I thanked parvez for the most unusual and wonderful gift. We changed places as if nothing has happened. Sheeba was fast asleep when I left the room.

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